Annals of the University of Craiova for Journalism, Communication and Management, Volume 2, 2016

The Correlation Analysis Between The Public Debt, The Budget Deficit And Gdp In Romania
Janusz Grabara, Petre Brezeanu, Ana-Petrina Păun

Methods Of Rehabilitation Of The Power Plant Settling Ponds Paroseni
Michal Balog, Sorin Mihai Radu, Dorin Tataru

The Relation Of Managerial Communication – Public Management Conflicts And Crisis
Sebastian Kot, Mircea BUNACIU

Residual Lifetime Of Lifting Instalation Established By Non-Destructive Methods
Vladimir Modrak, Sorin Mihai Radu, Florin Vîlceanu

Mining Technological System’s Performance Analysis
Sorin Mihai Radu, Witold Chmielarz, Andrei Andras

About The Romanian Way Of Branding
Odette Arhip, Cristian Arhip

The Libraries In The Byzantine Empire (330-1453)
Silviu-Constantin Nedelcu

Cultural Journalist Eminescu And The Theatre From Bucharest
Iulian Bitoleanu

Public Relations Campaign In The Internet Era
Bianca Teodorescu

The Evolution Of The Institution Of Divorce In Romania
Oana Mihaela Jivan

The Relation Between Mass-Media And Youth: Influences And Effects
Alexandra Cristina Ghiță

Basic Accounting In European Projects
Alina Georgiana Motoi, Aurelia Dumitru, Liviu Curelaru

Annals of the University of Craiova for Journalism, Communication and Management, Volume 1, 2015

The Existence of Disagreements in Organisational Entities – Source of the Occurrence of Conflicts at Work
Janusz Grabara, Mircea Bunaciu

Public Relations Profile in Current Postmodern Context
Sebastian Kot, Bianca Teodorescu

Discovering Communication Routes in Translation: Comparative Law as a Translator of Legal Culture
Simina Badea

Media and the public opinion within the current political-economic context
Georgiana Camelia Stănescu

What kind of leader is a manager?
Aurelia Dumitru, Alina Georgiana Motoi, Andrei Bogdan Budică

Cicero – an Investigative Journalist
Mădălina Strechie

The Accounting of the International Transactions: Book Review
Aurelia Dumitru